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    Read our guide on things to do in Bahrain with children

    Bahrain has a fascinating history and a sizeable expat population. With luxury malls, historic sights and various markets, Bahrain offers a truly one-of-a-kind experience. For those tourists travelling with children in tow, read on for Fraser Suites Bahrain’s guide on what to do with children in Bahrain. Explore fun activities such as waterparks and pottery crafts for you to undertake after you have been taking in the sights such as the Bahrain National Museum.

    Wahoo! Water Park

    Get ready to make a proper splash in Bahrain in the Wahoo! Water Park. As the first indoor-outdoor waterpark, Wahoo! boasts exciting and exhilarating rides, attractions and slides for a fun-filled family day out. As the waterpark has both indoor and outdoor areas, you can come enjoy yourself whatever the season or weather. Don’t worry about the smallest members of the family – Wahoo! caters to all ages so the whole family can enjoy a day out. There are quieter areas with shallow pools for the little ones, whilst the older kids can have the time of their lives in the wave pool. Wahoo! has more than enough to do and explore, so you will spend at least a few hours here. It houses very mellow slides suitable for the younger children as well as exhilarating rides that are more suitable for older children and teenagers. You can even learn how to surf or rides the waves lying flat on a bogey board. There is even a weekly Tiny Turtles session for mothers with small babies which needs to be booked in advance. Once you and your children are all played out, head out to their restaurant for a quick snack.

    Studio Ceramics

    Let your children unleash their inner artists with a visit to Studio Ceramics. As one of the top things to do with your children in Bahrain, Studio Ceramics allows you to paint your own piece of pottery exactly the way you want to. With a choice from a wide variety of functional wares, such as teapots, plates and bowls, as well as decorative pieces like animal figurines, you and your children can unleash your creativity. Use their wide range of resources available to create a truly unique piece. Children can paint their own cat, horses, mermaids and much more in various glazes. The glazes will be provided in a variety of colours, simply let your children choose the colours they want to use. Don’t worry about the paints – they are completely safe to use. Studio Ceramics provides family fun in abundance as it is suitable for all ages, even the smallest members as you can either help them create something or create a memorable keepsake by getting a hand and foot print memorialised in clay. Once the children have finished painting their pieces, the studio will use their speciality kilns to finish your pieces. Make sure to check how long it takes for your pieces to be finished so you can bring your masterpieces home.


    Have your children build their very own best friend at the Build-A-Bear workshop. With a host of teddies to choose from, including bears, pandas, bunnies, tigers, dogs, monkeys and more, your kids are guaranteed to find a stuffed animal that strikes their fancy. Build-A-Bear also has range of limited edition stuffed animals that can include Sesame Street characters like Elmo or the Cookie Monster, My Little Pony characters, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. At various stuffed-animal-making stations, you or your children can customise their toy with the addition of a range of accessories. Make your own superhero by dressing your teddy in a Superman or Iron Man costume, or doll it up with princess dresses. Whatever your kids decide, they are guaranteed to go home happy with their custom-made stuffed animal as a souvenir from their trip.

    Bahrain National Museum

    Next on our guide of things to do in Bahrain with children, is a national attraction. Offset all the fun activities with a bit of history and culture by visiting Bahrain National Museum. Located in Manama, the National Museum will give a glimpse into the country’s heritage by guiding visitors through nine main halls. The museum is not only the largest but also one of the oldest public museums. It houses ancient archaeological artefacts as well as historical documents, notes and manuscripts. It covers Bahrain’s fascinating history going back thousands of years. It is a great opportunity for children to learn more about a different culture and country. Learn more about Bahrain’s culture on death, wedding traditions, clothing and architecture. It’s not without reason that Bahrain National Museum is often hailed as one of the country’s top attractions.

    Manama Souq Market

    Submerge your children into Bahrain’s culture first-hand by visiting the Manama Souq market. As a great activity to undertake with children, you will be able to find things like electric good, t-shirts, food and spices. With such a varied market, you and your family will be able to get a taste of the local culture and atmosphere. Try some local sweets and fruits, or learn more about all the spices used in local dishes. You can even bring home some of the spices to recreate Bahrain-inspired dishes and get a taste of this wonderful country once you are back home again. The market is a fantastic opportunity to find some unique souvenirs. Bring home beautifully crafted scarves and blankets, score some cheap t-shirts or buy some beautiful jewellery. As with all markets, it can be a bit chaotic, so make sure to keep a good eye on your kids so they don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of the market.