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    Visit the Royal Camel Farm for a fun day out only 20 minutes from Fraser Suites Bahrain.

    When visiting Bahrain, be sure to take a visit to the Royal Camel Farm. Providing tourists with an unique insight into a treasured element of Bahraini culture, the farm is home to over 600 camels of all ages and sizes. The farm was created by the King of Bahrain, Sheik Mohammad as a means of preserving camels in Bahrain.

    Despite being called a farm, the camels are not bred for eating or production, merely preservation. Before the introduction of cars to the country camels were the primary means of transport for the people of Bahrain, as they are ideal to travel distances in the humid and dry climate. However, their numbers dwindled as other methods of transport became more practical, hence why the Sheik decide to create the Royal Camel Farm to protect the native species of the Arabian Peninsula.

    Bahrainis have had a deep routed cultural connection to camels for centuries. Worshipped as a sacred symbol of life and prosperity in the harsh desert environment by their ancestors, for many in Bahrain and indeed the Middle East in general, camels are still regarded as a symbol of power, wealth and fertility. As a result, only the wealthiest and most prestigious families in Bahrain own a camel at the Royal Camel Farm. A great family day out, visitors have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the camels, feeding and touching them. It is even possible to arrange a camel ride around the compound if you pre-arrange it with your guide and are willing to pay a small fee. The camels are separated into male and female pens with the older and younger camels separated from the main pens. During your visit you will have access to all of these pens including seeing up close the baby camels.

    Located in Manama, just off the Janabiyah highway, from Fraser Suites Bahrain the Royal Camel Farm is just a 20 minute drive west from the hotel. If you don’t have access to a car the journey will cost between 3-5 Bahraini Dinars ($8-$14) in an Uber taxi. The Royal Camel Farm is open every day from 8am to 5pm and is free to enter. There is no reception area however there are keepers available to show you around the park.